Best Friend’s Keeper’s service area schedule:

  • Monday: Fort Myers and Sanibel
  • Tuesday: Alternating weekly between Naples and Bonita Springs/Fort Myers Beach
  • Wednesday: Cape Coral
  • Thursday: Estero
  • Fridays: Fort Myers and Sanibel


Thank you for understanding to book an appointment continue scrolling and click request and appointment and follow the prompts.

Out of service are policy:

Due to additional travel and longer schedule block required, a non-refundable charge of $40 will be required for any appointment request out of my service area for the day. This fee is due at the time the appointment is reviewed and accepted by me. I will call to verbally approve request and to collect payment at that time.

If out of service area appointment is rescheduled or canceled 5 days or more before originally scheduled appointment, a fee will be transferred to another out-of-service area appointment or refunded in case of cancellation or more before scheduled appointment.

Dog Grooming

Done Differently

Put yourself in your pup’s paws: You walk into a strange place that smells like other dogs and cats and chemical smells you don’t recognize. You hear other dogs talking, but they don’t sound happy. Your human hands you over to a strange person and you see them walk out the door. You get strapped onto different tables with lots of suds, snips, and clips. You hate going to the groomer. What if there was a better way?

With Best Friends’ Keeper, your dog is made to look his best in the comfort of their own home. Likes to bathe in the grass? We’re in! Wants their nails trimmed while getting a belly rub on his favorite spot on the couch? You got it! We offer a truly personable experience to dogs in the Fort Myers and Lee County area. Toting a fully portable grooming station, all we need is access to a water hookup near the space where your dog will feel the most secure. We believe that your pet can be both comfortable and beautiful. 



With over Nine years of grooming experience, We have kept hundreds of best friends looking their best and loving every minute of it.


Your furry friend is comfortable being in his or her own den, without being overwhelmed by unusual sights and sounds.


No need to load up or wait for hours. We come to you anywhere within the Fort Myers and Lee County area. All you need is a safe space with nearby access to water.


By adopting an at-home grooming experience, we eliminate costly rent and utilities expenses and pass those savings onto you.


We take the time to get to know your pet, and we promise to care for them and love them (almost) as much as you do.


We understand that you don’t trust just anyone with your pet. We are grateful for your faith and assure you that your best friend is in the best hands.

About the Groomer

Nick Pascullo

As a lifelong animal lover, the dog grooming business is something that has just felt natural. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to work with animals and at the age of 13, I began by working at a local grooming shop. It wasn’t long before I realized the problem with much of the grooming industry—it’s often about efficiency, not about care. You see 30 people drop their dogs off at the store, and these dogs spend the better part of two hours sitting in a kennel waiting to go down the assembly line. That’s not how I wanted to work with animals. So I started Best Friend’s Keeper mobile dog grooming.

When I come to groom a dog, I take the time to meet you and your best friend. I build a trusting relationship and that reduces the fear and stress that often comes with a grooming experience. I’m not afraid to get down on the dog’s level and teach them that it doesn’t have to be scary to live in a human’s world.

As a small business owner and local dog lover, you know that when you book with me you are putting money back into the Fort Myers and Lee County economy. I do everything I can to keep your dog looking great and to keep you and your pup happy.

Nick Pasculla

Best Friend’s Stories

Penny the Australian Shepherd

Penny the Australian Shepherd

This is Penny. She's a 5 year old Australian Shepherd. She had never been to the groomer before, so she was understandably a little nervous. Of course she'd had her nails clipped at the vet before, and her parents gave her baths, but I was her first groomer. I worked...

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Dusty and Pepe the Miniature Poodles

Dusty and Pepe the Miniature Poodles

Dusty and Pepe. Two miniature poodles, Dusty is 1 and Pepe is about 12. They were among Nick's first clients in the Lee County. They had a mobile groomer before, but they moved out of town so Dusty and Pepe were stuck being taken and left for hours at a shop and were...

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Saana and Sedge the Mini Australian Shepherds

Saana and Sedge the Mini Australian Shepherds

Saana and Sedge. They are miniature Australian Shepherds. Nick has been grooming them for 3 years, he even stays with them when their mom goes out of town sometimes. Nick was their first groomer. Sedge used to have skin issues, he was always itchy and chewed his skin....

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