Dusty and Pepe. Two miniature poodles, Dusty is 1 and Pepe is about 12. They were among Nick’s first clients in Lee County. They had a mobile groomer before, but they moved out of town so Dusty and Pepe were stuck being taken and left for hours at a shop and were so happy to have a mobile groomer again! Their owners like to hang out and watch the grooming process and give a lot of feedback on what style they want to get it just perfect. Nick had noticed in one grooming session that Dusty’s teeth had some plaque buildup and brought it up with his owner. She had mentioned that he was having some digestive issues as well. Nick gave her some suggestions about what foods he thought could help with that, and she noticed after switching their food based on Nick’s recommendation that he was getting better. She had also noticed he would itch his butt on the carpet more frequently and Nick offered to express his anal glands as that often can relieve some of the itchiness, and it worked like a charm! Nick loves to see how proudly they walk around after their grooming session.