Mayday is an 11-year-old Pitt Bull and was Nick’s very first Mobile Grooming client. When Nick first worked with her, she was missing a lot of hair and had scabs all over from itching her skin because of allergies and a bout with demodectic mange. Nick used a high-quality shampoo/conditioner specifically for equestrian use for moisturizing skin and nourishing hair follicles as well as a rubber curry brush to stimulate and massage the skin. After about 3-4 appointments with this treatment, most of her hair had come back and there was a significant decrease in her scabbing. she looked completely new and rehabbed. her mom and human sisters had started playing with her again simply because she looked and felt like her good old self. After scheduling with Nick for about a year, Mayday’s owner felt like she could trust him completely and scheduled appointments even if she won’t be home because she is a nurse with long hours.